The Knotted Cord

This Tuesday at DVerse, our poetics prompt was to write about tokens of love. As beautiful of a prompt as it is and as much as I was looking forward to contributing to it, I found it difficult. Even now, I am hesitant to share the following poem because it seems a little too personal, but I have nothing else to post, so here it is.

You gave the rosary to me

As a symbol of faith, hope

And love, as a wonderful aid.

I prayed with it on many days,

And carried it in a backpack

Pocket, until I lost it.


I lost the knotted cord but

Never the memories,

I had to lose it because

I needed to let you go,

But never the memories.

Note: Rather than having beads, the rosary from this person consisted of a brown, knotted cord. 

6 thoughts on “The Knotted Cord

  1. You are very brave to share such a personal piece. I thought it was very powerful. Sometimes it can be difficult to untie ourselves – all those knots in the rosary cord are a very strong image. Thank you for sharing.

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