For Poetics Tuesdaywe are writing about superheroes. I am not really interested in superhero movies or comics, so this was a challenge, but I thought of a good hero. This poem is also a quadrille.

What never stops working

And is always beating,

Making pathways possible

For blood full of oxygen?

What will tirelessly provide

For years and years of life,

And does not mind

To break and mend and break again?

The human heart: hero without a cape.


Update: I just missed the link up for DVerse but am still happy to have written and shared this. Also linked to Forgiving Fridays, since I think there’s nothing more forgiving than your own heart, always trying to keep you alive, no matter what you have done. This poem also refers to healing from a broken heart and forgiving the hurt and having courage to love again.

6 thoughts on “Superhero

  1. This is an incredible poem and AMAZING contribution for #ForgivingFridays. You have such creativity, and what better super hero than our heart that opens to love again and again. It is where forgiveness resides. 🙂 Love it. I’ll share it tomorrow. Many blessings, Debbie

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