This form, called an Ovillejo, is for Linda Luna’s decastich challenge. I had fun writing in this form and hope to keep trying.

Will you stay near to me always?

For all your days.

Do you promise to act with love?

You’re my sweet dove.

Do you accept this golden ring?

With everything.


The heart may not every day sing,

But promises last past the pain:

Love can be watered by the rain.

Through all your days, you’re my sweet dove, with everything.

4 thoughts on “Always

  1. Technically speaking, you wrote a perfect Ovillejo. And speaking as a reader and lover, my favorite line is “But promises last past the pain.” I love the consonance (last/past) and the alliteration (promises/past/pain). Not only that, but it’s just plain true, and I appreciate the hope the exudes from this piece.

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