Hanging Sword

My contribution for DVerse’s latest Poetics, which is about writing poetry about real street names. We chose from a list, located here.

Sometimes I pass by
Hanging Sword Alley.
Sometimes I stay on
Hanging Sword Alley.
Happiness is fleeting —
I lie waiting
For the sword to fall.

Put Together Again

For Linda Luna’s decastich challenge #31: the Sonnetina Due. This is made up of 5 couplets written in iambic pentameter. More information here.

via Daily Prompt: Broken

Broken hearts are waiting for the healing,

Anguished voices send prayers toward the ceiling,

Yet don’t despair if your heart is broken,

Do not declare that life’s become rotten.

Believe in healing which will come in time,

For life is poetry which need not rhyme.

If you’re alive then there’s still work to do,

Even if reasons are hidden from view.

There will be time to fix what is not right:

Hope is immortal, even without sight.



A haibun for the silent sounds prompt at DVerse

I find a pew to sit in at the center of the quiet church. This place is aptly called a sanctuary. I look at the flowers adorning the altar, the golden tabernacle, and a representation of Jesus, looking out from the large crucifix. Underneath this instrument of violence, transformed into a symbol and means of hope, this is a place of peace. I pray silently: it seems the world has so much need. Faith tells me that Jesus is here and that He hears. This, at least, is a place of peace.

Silent sounds are heard:
God is never far away
From the open heart

The Caterpillar

For IGWRT’s “mini challenge,” we are supposed to write about insects or bugs.

The caterpillar eats through many, many leaves,
To find enough sustenance for something;
It does not know yet what
It will be, what is coming or why,
It only knows to try
To eat through many, many leaves,
To find that which it’s seeking:

Finally, energy and a suitable place
To make a chrysalis, to await
To await a marvelous transformation.

Loving Deeply the Day

You are
My happiness —
Simply to stay with you
Is peace, is freedom, is loving

Is sadness:
When we even feel
Far away, too slowly comes

For DVerse, we are working on contrapuntal poetry. I am not sure if I did it right, but my intention was to take 2 poems and put them together into a third poem. Each stanza can stand alone. I also tried to provide contrast both in the subject matter and form of both stanzas: The first is a cinquain, and the second is an oddquain.


A sonnetina tre for Linda Luna’s decastich challenge #30. It’s hard to believe there have been 30 challenges so far. I never knew there were so many poetic forms, and they have given me so much inspiration, even if I do not post the poems.

How many lives are now described in books!
How many worlds in which I can be free,
Many places revisited with looks
Of nostalgia, awe, comfort, amity.
The pages of a book are quick transport,
And cheaper than a tropical escape,
Words of hope sometimes provide comfort,
Like a superhero without a cape.
My soul is happy when I get to read,
Wise guidance and adventure are a seed.