This time for DVerse Poetics, Jilly is inviting all of us to get a little wild. Unsurprisingly, this prompt was a challenge for me. I’m known for being rather inside-the-box.

Sometimes —
Even though I hate having
Wind in my hair
And dirt on my hands
And getting bitten by bugs,
I hear the wilderness
Calling like a wolf’s howl,
Chorusing like the crickets,
Shining like constellations
Showing me the way.

Sometimes —
I can’t keep walking along
Pristine paved roads,
Though I like the little
Flowers in their lines,
I must make my own footprints
Blaze a new trail
With the fire of passion
And zeal // the wilderness
Is often truer, more real.

7 thoughts on “Wilderness

  1. You paint a picture of the domesticated human who longs for the wild. I’ve taken a few out into the wilderness. Most live and learn to love it. But you have to get your fingernails a little dirty! 🙂

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