Math Tutoring

I wrote this while thinking about my job, which I love. However, most of my students would rather be doing anything other than extracurricular math. This poem is my first attempt at a sonnetina cinque. I hope I did this form correctly.

Delightful is my work to me but not
To all the children who arrive each day,
They sometimes do not do the work they ought,
They would prefer to go outside and play
Then do their math, so for patience I pray.
Delightful is my work to me although
Some students find it fun to misbehave,
I hope that all of my dear students know
That I care much for them, and I will save
These memories, as they their futures pave.

One thought on “Math Tutoring

  1. What a beautiful Sonnetina Cinque! I especially love how you repeated the phrase “Delightful is my work to me.” It definitely helps to transition into the counterpoint. (And having been a math teacher/tutor myself at one point, I understand your emotions.)

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