Put Together Again

For Linda Luna’s decastich challenge #31: the Sonnetina Due. This is made up of 5 couplets written in iambic pentameter. More information here.

via Daily Prompt: Broken

Broken hearts are waiting for the healing,

Anguished voices send prayers toward the ceiling,

Yet don’t despair if your heart is broken,

Do not declare that life’s become rotten.

Believe in healing which will come in time,

For life is poetry which need not rhyme.

If you’re alive then there’s still work to do,

Even if reasons are hidden from view.

There will be time to fix what is not right:

Hope is immortal, even without sight.


5 thoughts on “Put Together Again

  1. I do love this hopeful poem. Yes, healing will come in its own time. Thank you for this. I have always been the MOST hopeful person but I confess this past year has been so discouraging.


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