Water, to me

Has always been a metaphor

For love —

How I looked

In my life’s desert

For something that would satisfy!

How deeply I one day drank

From the well of forgiveness

And grace,

Wanting ever since then

To never stray from that

Source —


Yet how I sometimes,


Feel parched.



Is a dry season.

I suppose I can even

Forgive this.

For IGWRT’s “Water Under the Bridge” and the latest Forgiving Fridays. Also shared with DVerse open link night.

18 thoughts on “Water

  1. I hadn’t thought of water that way. an instrument of love. In the Christian realm of course the living water is Christ of pure love. But most times water in a church setting would be baptism, which is purely symbolic and a public showing of cleansing of the old sin of the new Christian.
    Thank you for causing me to think of the Christians relations with “water”.

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  2. This is such an incredible poem, thank you so much for sharing it for #ForgivingFridays!! You give such an apt description of drinking the love of the divine. I am so touched.

    What a gorgeous ending — so much compassion in forgiving even that! I experienced a hug encircling me, saying it’s ok.

    One thing you may consider, when I work with people, we focus on self-forgiveness, or forgiving ourselves for judging … for separating ourselves from our heart. e.g., “I forgive myself for judging myself for forgetting that I am love.” It’s a wonderful key to love, and if you want to you can try it!

    Lots of love. I’ll share this next Friday!


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