Berries: A Tritina

The next decastich challenge is the tritina. It is made up of 3 3-line stanzas and a concluding line and includes repetition of the ending words of each line. Thanks to Linda Luna for reminding me of the tritina! I used to write these often but had forgotten about this form for a while.

Look in the garden: summer berries,
Many varieties which we love:
See their color, taste their sweetness!

Blueberries and strawberries give sweetness
To an eternal summer: happiness grown like berries,
Friendship and care which become love.

When I look back on our precious love,
I will remember your kindness, your sweetness,
And the taste of those home-grown berries.

We have grown these berries of love and sweetness.

4 thoughts on “Berries: A Tritina

  1. I just finished reading Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook,” so my mind was already focused on “friendship and care which become love.” Your poem is like an epilogue to his novel. I do love how you transitioned from the garden to the relationship. Beautiful Tritina, Jenna!

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