Good Advice

At DVerse, Michelle is asking each of us to “poem your own words of advice.” Below is one thing I have learned that could change someone else’s life, that could have changed my own life, if I had heard it several years ago.

If you see those fashion magazines
And any articles suggesting how to
“Lose those last 10 pounds,”

Ignore them.
Remember, they are not directed
At you.

If you lose
“Those last 10 pounds,”
You might also sacrifice
Your smile.
Your happiness, laughter
Even possibly your life —

And if you think,
“That can’t happen to me,”
Know that, yes, it can
And know that

You don’t need to lose
“Those last 10 pounds,”
You don’t need to tone up,
Get washboard abs
Or a Kim Kardashian ass

You can find
Better ways to happiness.

9 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. Sage advice! I look at those phrases and take them literally: “lose those last 10 pounds”….keying in on “last.” Life is too short……………enjoy the now and as Anne Lamont wrote….don’t look down. So your belly is there. Look up….there is so much more to see! (paraphrasing her — and perhaps is is Lamott?).

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  2. very good poem on not trying to become something we are not and then still not even liking ourselves, I appreciate your last line the most, there are indeed so many other ways to find happiness, a deep lasting happiness from things that not so material.

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