It Surrounds You

Is all around you,
It shows itself
In little ways.
Like a child playing
Hide-and-seek, giggling —
Might be hiding but
It wants to be found.

And, sometimes honey
It’s just so close
That you can’t see it —
But you could touch it
If you reached out.

For this week’s Forgiving Fridays, Debbie is talking about making peace with her mind. I need that, too. I need this reminder that love is still close to me, closer than I am to myself, but I just can’t see it sometimes.

3 thoughts on “It Surrounds You

  1. Oh I love this! You reminded me that love is our best friend, always available and ready whenever we are. And what’s cool is that whether or not we reach out, it stands by us and holds us every moment.

    You are a beautiful writer, thank you for this gorgeous contribution to #ForgivingFridays. šŸ™‚ I’ll share it this Friday!

    I have a wonderful quote on love you may like. Feel free to email me at anytime. Happy Sunday!

    Blessings, Debbie

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