Finding Gold

Hidden in the unassuming ground,
Certain precious stones are sometimes found:
So too when personalities seem cold —
Dig a little deeper to find gold.

For Forgiving Fridays.  I know that it’s not healthy to stick around and try to find the gold in everyone, but the vast majority of people do have a good side, which can be found with time, awareness, and, of course, forgiveness. This happened with one of my current friends. At first I really disliked her, but now I think she is cool.

Also shared with DVerse.

9 thoughts on “Finding Gold

  1. That happen to me a lot. Not because their characters are dust, and stones outside, because I get so judgemental sometimes! I know it is very bad, and I try to change it, but what do you do the dirt outweighs gold by billion parts?

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  2. This is so beautiful. I really appreciate your willingness to see through the eyes of love. And I love what you wrote about the keys of time, awareness, and forgiveness — so wise and true.

    One learning I get about relationship is that it can be an incredible gift, because it often shows me exactly where I can forgive and let go of the past and give myself love to the part inside that hurts.

    So the gold is inside of us too.
    Thank you for this.

    You have such a big, beautiful heart. I’m honored to share this post for #ForgivingFridays!
    Many blessings to you. Be in touch with me anytime. 🙂

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