This is for Real Toads, where we are trying piggyback poems. My first and last lines come from the poem “The Horses, the Sorrow, the Umbilicus” by Maureen Hynes. Follow the link to read the original poem.

Looking to her left, looking to her right

Looking, always for someplace safe

Someplace, where she can be appreciated —

Looking even for someplace where she can be

Herself, with out being struck down like

A tree grown too tall //


She keeps looking, like a flower for the

Sun, like a wise owl gazing at the

Moon, wondering “Who, who, who?”

Looking to her left, looking to her right.

9 thoughts on “Looking

  1. The theme of gender equality is strong in this piece. How sad it is after so many years of demonstable truth that there should be no division, no ranking of the sexes it sadly continues. Just what are males afraid of? Even in Australia where equality is encouraged the problem raises its ugly head in various fields including wage equality! The bigots will be playing the game for years I am afraid.


  2. Love the outside introspection of this…if that makes any sense. The repeated line, first and last, that ever craning of the head here and there. Looking for herself perhaps….everywhere but in.

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