the heart

A late response for the Sunday Whirl’s wordle #362. Shared with DVerse, open link night. Read other poems here.

The heart is a lake, surrounded by pines
it yearns, it knows not how to pass the time
until it sees your face again in person.
There are signs of your presence, pictures —
but you are gone on a trip from which
you cannot return, nor bring back a gift.
The heart wishes to travel too, to wherever you are,
but here it must stay, under a hand-sewn quilt,
at the bottom of a staircase, in a drafty cabin
near a deep lake, surrounded by pines.

5 thoughts on “the heart

  1. What a lovely poem to end this prompt with! Thanks so much for posting. Love the full circle we make by the lake surrounded by pines. There is a sense of warmth with the hand-sewn quilt, even in a drafty cabin. Perhaps drafty with memories?

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