School Days

We are going back to school at DVerse today. Thankfully I don’t go back to my real classes for almost 2 weeks. I am also sharing this with forgiving Fridays.

I was good at school, and I hated school. Anxiety came from a young age: I was a “perfect student” because I was scared to speak up or to give a wrong answer. I froze during a history presentation in the eighth grade. No words escaped my mouth. I wrote nothing for an essay in the ninth grade, turning in a blank page. No words were on the paper. My teachers let me — more like made me — try again. I’m grateful for that now. For their forgiveness. And my own, as I speak now, as I keep on writing now.

Forgive past silence:
Now the river flows boldly
O’er eroded stones

13 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Good for you! Keep those words flowing. I remember a little girl who would never speak in school – seems like many classes had one. As a teacher, much of my energy is spent on making students feel free and relaxed enough to share their words.

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  2. This is an incredible sharing on the power of forgiveness! So glad it helped you to heal around feeling afraid of speaking up or giving a wrong answer. What an act of love. And your poetry illustrates your expansion and courage. Thank you for sharing this for #ForgivingFridays. I am so touched!

    I’ll share this in Friday’s post. Your honesty and creative expression are such gifts.


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