This week’s Haibun Monday (completed on a Wednesday) is all about the chirping of crickets and other sounds of late summer. 

My family used to have juniper bushes lining our front yard. That was when I remember hearing the crickets chirp most often. The junipers were removed years ago; I guess the crickets were evicted, too. It could also be because I don’t spend as much time outside anymore. Whatever the reason, I don’t hear many crickets anymore.

Waiting for the song

Long-gone, crickets living in

Prickly junipers

2 thoughts on “Crickets

  1. Makes sense that taking away bushes would have taken away some crickets..We have many juniper trees and bushes including juniper so that accounts for the loudness of the serenade around here…and then there is the field…


  2. Spending time outside definitely helps to develop a greater awareness of the sounds of nature and so much else. We are so often too busy in our hurried world. Sometimes, when I’m cleaning out the garden in fall I wonder if I’m evicting something precious to our ecological system. Thanks for joining in.


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