Shower of Roses

For Dverse’s poetics prompt about comfort smells. Also, this was inspired by Abigail Gronway’s diminishing pentaverse poem that she wrote recently, and by Thérèse of Lisieux, who is my patron saint and who famously said that she would “let down a shower of roses” from heaven after she passed away and went to be with God. Ever since I heard about her, the smell of roses is not only pleasant but reminds me of the presence of God.

Shower of roses
From dear Saint Thérèse,
Small things with great love,
Little way to God
My inspiration.

Sweet aroma
An answered prayer,
Lovely petals.

Presence of
Calming peace.

Mood lifts —



9 thoughts on “Shower of Roses

  1. last line was a moment that stood out for me. when those comfort smells bring back the memories we are comforted most of all by hope, you wrote this prompt perfectly, each word having sufficient meaning.

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