Falling Back

For DVerse’s haibun Monday, about transitions.

This coming Sunday we “fall back” to standard time, ending daylight savings time. It will be even darker when I wake up, even harder to rise from my warm bed. There will be even more darkness, when we need the light. Help me be the light.

Dying plants revive

Falling and rising again

Time and tender care

8 thoughts on “Falling Back

  1. It’s already dark when I wake up now. What I really don’t like is that it will be dark by late afternoon. But I really hate the time changes either way, and somehow my cats don’t understand it either. 🙂

    “Help me be the light” is a plea we can all relate to now. It makes me think of Mr. Rogers’ line that is everywhere now about looking for the helpers.

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  2. This is marvelous. As a new “plant mom”, I’ve fretted over the different phases of my “ladies”…they have to listen to Contemporary Christian music playing throughout the night–and often, good Bible teaching by day, so I tell them they have no choice but to thrive 🙂 May you be abundantly blessed ❤

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