For DVerse’s invitation to try creating a metaphor.

She plays the piano
For twenty-five years straight,
She can make
Wonderful melodies and harmonies
With two hands, ten fingers
And she can take,
And even let linger
the dissonances —
But she is wait
-ing for a tonic chord
In this music
She is waiting for
The real resting place

Piano My Hands
(photo by the author)

5 thoughts on “Music

  1. Wow.. i played the Piano by Sheet
    Music Always by the Notes
    Only Improvising Never
    Creating Notes For
    35 Years
    And then my
    Soul Went away
    Slowly As Creative
    Notes Came Finally on
    The Keyboard then.. Funny
    Who is
    Will Do to Live
    Magic And Light
    Comes From DARk..
    After That..:)

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  2. Keep playing, it doesn’t need resolution as long as it’s beautiful (what’s the use of being post-modern otherwise?) That tonic chord may elude us, what matters is the path and our phrasing with each other, keep playing, this poem is so lovely

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