Tons of Ts

For Abigail Gronway’s alphabet haiku for this week: the letter T! I have two today.

Tall trees, taciturn,

Tell tales: tempests, treachery —

Then their triumphing


This next one is just for laughs.

Trusting tortoise tots

Timidly try touching their

Teeny-tiny toes

5 thoughts on “Tons of Ts

  1. The first one reminded me of the sights my husband and I beheld as we drove to Panama City to help out after Hurricane Michael. For miles on end the trees that did not fall seemed permanently bent in the direction that the wind had been blowing during the storm. Five days later I returned alone to the storm-ravaged city while he worked, and I do not recall seeing any leaning trees. Was it because I was driving and had my attention on the road, or was it because they had righted themselves? I cannot say. Maybe a little of both.

    Your second Alphabet Haiku was indeed funny. It made my laugh out loud when I got to the last line. Thank you so much, Jenna, for both of your haiku. They are genius!

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