Inspired by this weekend’s prompt at  Real Toads, I wrote a “puente” poem. Puente means bridge in Spanish because of the middle line, and I wanted to incorporate the idea of a bridge in my poem. Yesterday, my mom and I decorated our Christmas tree, and the ornaments were bridges between the past and the present. 

My mother and me,

Adorning the Christmas tree

With ornaments, including

A white and blue ball


~ bringing it close, inhaling its scent ~


It still smells like

Grandma’s house

Over a decade ago,

Echoes of smoke

8 thoughts on “Puente

  1. Oh wow… how crazy to think that the object still actually has the smell of the past. Like magic! There are aromas I can conjure in my mind but this is kind of amazing. What a sentimental moment and lovely poem to commemorate it.

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