Revived Writer

For JusJoJan day 3, hosted by Linda G. Hill. We are to write about our blog: why we started and how it has changed our life. 

It took a long time for me to start a blog, over a year after my friends first started encouraging me to share my poetry. Finally I did, after sharing a poem with some friends I met while I was very sick with an eating disorder. Hence the name Revived Writer, since I was literally given a second or third chance at life. Writing this blog has made my life richer, too, and helped me to respect my own point of view. It has enabled me to find my voice, which was silenced by the eating disorder. I greatly enjoy trying new forms, responding to prompts, and reading the poems of others. The DVerse community has been great! I hope that Revived Writer can be here for many more years, continuing to grow as a poet and as a person.

7 thoughts on “Revived Writer

  1. A lovely testimony Jenna. I did not know that you had suffered from an eating disorder. I only just found this bit with being blind. I was also looking for a Contact page but can’t find one. Cshall I tell you here, what I wanted to tell you about Our Lady of Sorrows?

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      1. She’s brilliant. She and I think it was 7 other women survived the Rwandan massacre by hiding in the Pastors bathroom (he was not Catholic but was very friendly towards the Catholics) and they hid there for I think it was 4 months. Immaculee’s father pressed his red and white rosary into her hands ascshe fled. Her whole family was massacred so that was the last she saw of her father. She found out they had all been massacred when she got out of the bathroom. She had prayed to rosary constantly whilst in there. She eventually went to Anerica with her hysband whom she married after the massacre. I think he was Amrucan. Now, she speaks a lot and leads Retreats. She wrote”Left To Tell” about her experience in Rwanda. Then she wrote “Led by Faith.” Long story I know, but she came to England to talk about her book and I bought her book at the bookshop and we hugged and she signed it for me. She wrote”May the Blessed Mother always protect you, Live, Immaculee.” I was just becoming Catholic at that point. I loved Mary. Just recently I have been able to think of Mary as my Mother – my spiritual mother, my own mother having died. But yes, Our Lady had been appearing at Kibeho in Rwanda and she foretold through the visionaries, rivers of blood. So now, they always pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary at Kibeho. Sorry this is a bit ling lol. Anyway, your comment on my poem mived me because I am writing a book called “Pierced” about Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, and this just seemed to tell me I was right to write it. I am not always cinfident I am doing the right thing so this convinced me. A big THANKYOU Henna. And I am really sorry to bear about your eating disorder. That is a horrible rhing to struggle with. Will pray for you ❤️ Sorry if there are any typos!


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