Linda G. Hill’s “stream of consciousness Saturday” (SoCS) is about art. There is supposed to be very little planning or editing, so here goes. 

I hated art museums but had to go to one for a college class when I was a freshman. Wandering through the hallways, trying to find some pieces to write a reflection on, I wandered into the religious art section. Some paintings, such as one of David slaying Goliath, portrayed familiar stories, but as I was not a Christian or any sort of religion at the time, most of the depictions were foreign to me. Still, one painting spoke to me, beyond what I ever expected: Saint Cecelia by Guido Reni captivated me, and I could barely pull myself away. After several minutes, some friends and I moved on, but I made sure to visit the painting again before leaving, and I bought a print from the gift shop and framed it. About seven years later, it remains displayed in my room.

I wrote a poem about this painting a while ago. Work of Art

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