“What is the meaning of life?”

Sometimes I joke that it is forty-two,

But for each one reflection must ensue:

Each person has a diff’rent task to do,

And also must take in th’eternal view,

Conductor from whom he will take his cue.

This is my first attempt at a Whyquain, which is a 5-line poem that answers a question and in which all of the lines rhyme (aaaaa). This is my first attempt, so I plan to try writing a better one. Many thanks to Abigail Gronway for hosting this! 

Also, i just realized that I used iambic pentameter instead of tetrameter, but I will share it anyway. 

One thought on ““What is the meaning of life?”

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing in iambic pentameter. You were consistent with your meter and rhyme, and that’s what matters. Not only that, but you answered a question, and that is the tenet of a Whyquain. And what a profound question it was! Great job!


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