“Why Is Fear So Powerful?”

Another Whyquain for this week’s 5-line poem challenge. This one is actually in iambic tetrameter. Certain aspects of my future scare me, but I know that it helps nothing to give in to unfounded fear. 

“What if” is a pernicious phrase,

And fear can think of many ways

That failure comes in full display.

It will take more than a few days

To fully flee fear’s lying haze.

One thought on ““Why Is Fear So Powerful?”

  1. Ooh, this is good! Fear is a liar. That’s the sum of it, isn’t it? And we fail when we believe the lie. Can you add these poems to the linkup? The format is new. They changed things on us. Now it seems you have to log in, but you can use your Facebook profile to log in. Just click on the FB logo, then add the URL for your poem as usual. That’s the way I added mine anyway. I’m sorry it’s so complicated, but the old way was discontinued. On the bright side, the new format is more attractive.


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