Fire Twin

For DVerse’s “in my element” , which is inspired by the elements and the zodiac. 

Born two months early,

Like I was willing to risk

Danger to see the world

A little sooner —


And my soul knew who

It really was: a twin,

Born under a fire sign,

Burning, burning —


13 thoughts on “Fire Twin

  1. I am an air sign; Gemini, who was born with competing genes, the sign of the twins. If we have any say-so, between lives, I guess I wouldn’t have had it any other way


  2. Oh this is so interesting! I’ve never thought about those born “early” who may actually have more traits of their due date sign. And you even skipped over earth (Taurus, I presume) from one dynamic element to another. Cool poem. No, hot I mean:)

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  3. I was a premature baby but I don’t know when my due date was. I often wonder what my star sign would have been. I’m told I’m Leo Cancer rising but the rising sign would have been different too.This poem expresses much of how I feel!

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