Rich In Love

For DVerse’s quadrille, a poem of 44 words and containing a specific word. This week, we are all “rich.” Also shared with Forgiving Fridays because I think that forgiveness is being rich in love, for yourself and other people, and unforgiveness blocks love.

Material wealth can be true poverty,
Without in love becoming rich:
Possessions can a cage begin to be,
If someone clings to them, is selfish,
Believing he needs no one else.
To let another in, to share is sweet,
and it makes life complete.

5 thoughts on “Rich In Love

  1. Oh––so beautiful and true. Self-forgiveness is a key to unlock the loving in our hearts, isn’t it? And, it is rich!!

    Thank you for contributing this to #ForgivingFrdiays. I experience such vulnerability and openness and loving simply by reading it. I’ll share it in my next post!

    Also, I have a neat resource you may enjoy on Self-forgiveness and letting go into love. If you’re interested, email me at And if not, entirely fine too! ❤

    Blessings, and thank you again. I love your sharing.

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