Lost in Translation

This is another ghazal. I tried to write one in French but will provide the English translation below it. However, some things, including rhyme, might get “lost in translation.” 🙂

Suis-je la fille que j’étais, jeunesse perdue?

Essayerai-je encore, succès perdu?


La France est-elle meilleure aujourd’hui,

Avec le roi et la noblesse perdus?


Les fleurs qui sont maintenant couleureuses

Deviendront douleureuses, tout sauf la vieillesse perdu.


La religion d’aujourd’hui remplace

Celle de l’antiquité: beaucoup de déesses perdues.


Ce petit oiseau cherche un nid, une maison:

J’ai des amis, ils ne me laissent perdue.

Am I the girl I was, childlike vitality lost?

Will I try again, success most likely lost?


Is France better today

With the king and nobility lost?


The flowers which are now colorful

Will become sorrowful, all but fragility lost.


The religion of today replaces

That of antiquity: goddesses, many, lost.


This little bird looks for a nest, a home:

I have friends, they will not leave me lost.

6 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Très beau en Français. Clairement, bien que vous ècriviez de la perte, votre poèsie a èté trouvée dans cette pièce. The English version lacks the musicality and charms of the French..but then again that is what being French is all about, n’est-ce-pas?! Well done!

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  2. You reminded me of a time I was in a group of youths… (being young then myself) and I asked a woman to tell me a word she could not translate and then to please translate it… Oh the trials of a young mind 🙂


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