At Sunrise One Will Understand

For Forgiving Fridays and also shared with the Tuesday platform.

Forgiveness is a blessing to the land;

The starless night makes it invisible,

But at the sunrise one will understand.

Indeed forgiving acts are laudable

Yet even more, they from the darkness pull

The hardened grudge-filled heart, to soon set free

The person stuck in bitterness — softly.

18 thoughts on “At Sunrise One Will Understand

  1. It is a game of head vs heart and logic likely drives the conclusion, but I prefer the heart’s voice!
    Well Done


    1. Right on, Margaret! My spiritual mentor (who taught me how to forgive) says that the willingness to do gives the ability to do. So relieving for me!! ❤

      Have a great weekend and blessings,


  2. Jenna, how beautiful. As I read this, I experience each word as a sacred blessing of loving. I’d like to share this both for Forgiving Fridays and in a private Facebook group called Forgiving Forum (I created it so people would have a place to explore what forgiveness is for them.) Hope that is ok!

    Keep going with forgiveness and how you share it. Truly, it opens my heart to release grudges just in reading your words.

    With love,


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