Many-Hued Verse

I wrote a few sidlak poems over the past few days. This form, which has 4 lines of 3-5-7-9 syllables and concludes with a fifth line that is a color, has been fun. I found out about it from Abigail Gronway, who also wrote a nice one. Shared with the Tuesday Platform.


Black coffee

In a library,

On antique, sturdy table —

I sense the musty smell of old books





Proper meter? Rhyme?

Freedom in form anytime.

Word queen of my poetry world, hued





Anxiety fight

Oppressing like a devil,

A cardboard box, sent, undelivered:


10 thoughts on “Many-Hued Verse

  1. I enjoyed reading all the poems. I think this format of writing poetry is interesting. I have not tried it but, may be give it a shot… inspired by your writing!

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  2. Jenna, I love the perspective you brought to this form. They are all great, but the first is my favorite. If I had enough rooms in my house, one of them would be a library. Your choice of mahogany is perfect to represent the vast collection of sage works collected there.

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