can I say with faith

“Let the waves come?”

I’d hope Yes,

but how


do they

Beat? how deep

the seas’ waters?

How deep mutual love?

I am sharing this for Forgiving Fridays, since sometimes I get upset with myself for not having a “strong enough” faith. I need to let it be what it is and not try to pretend like the life of faith isn’t difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to know that God is in control, even though I have seen God do amazing things before. Nevertheless, I think, “This time God has pushed me past my limits.” How this relates to forgiveness is that it is important to forgive myself for those times when I feel weak in faith and weak in general. 

7 thoughts on “Strong

  1. I have come to believe that faith is like sin in the in verse. Starts easy, sin is the worst of bad, faith is the best of good.
    But then we have degrees. Jesus admonished his disciples, “Oh ye of little faith… ” (Matthew 6:26+)
    And sin? (Google has many choices, Google ‘degrees of sin,’)
    I like your list poem.


  2. Definitely! It is so important to be gentle with ourselves, especially when we’re already feeling down. ❤ I love what you wrote about "how strong are the waves?" Inquiring about this seems like a way to open to God's answer.

    And, another way this contributes to forgiveness is that acceptance is a solid foundation to forgive. In fact, I may write about this tomorrow. So, in the case where you aren't feeling strong, what if you simply accepted that this is how you felt? Making space for ALL of your experience! So great.

    Sending you much loving. Thank you for sharing!!

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