Cash Extinction

For Fandango’s one-word prompt, “cash”, and the DVerse quadrille, where we are supposed to use some form of “extinction”. This is a little silly, but I hope you like it. 

Pulling out my credit card to pay

For something costing only $3.05,

I wonder where my cash has gone

And if cash will survive.

Pennies have already nearly gone extinct,

Many other coins are on the brink,

And wallet space for dollar bills unfilled.

11 thoughts on “Cash Extinction

  1. RW, the federal banking system taking more and more control of our cash began long ago when gold was no longer held in claim by our paper money, and then Nixon ended the silver that was held in reserve. You can no longer take paper money and claim its equivalent in gold or silver.our paper money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. They are only promissory notes that fluctuate in relative value the time. The federal reserve could, if they wanted to, declare hem worthless. They won’t, but if our government ever failed, they would be worthless, or nearly so. Now we are even surrendering our paper and coin to the banks in return for what is an electronic voucher. They who control the cash, control the rules.

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