I wrote a cherita for this prompt on Real Toads about wolves. Follow the link to read the quote that inspired this. 

People wonder why so many animals wander along the highways.


Deer, wolves, coyotes come close.

Some get run over by vehicles, and people wonder why.


The wolves, the animals are trying to find the forest.

Snow falls upon what was once their home,

And a wolf-mother howls for a missing cub.

5 thoughts on “Wolves

  1. So true….recently, on the news they showed a mother bear and two cubs, who had wandered out of the forest, RUNNING back to the trees, wildlife “management” in pursuit. They were shot and killed. Absolutely horrible. Their habitat has been decimated, they lack food, all because of humans. But when they accidentally find themselves near town, they get killed. It breaks my heart.


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