Between Breaths

Let spaces of silence slide

Between breaths —

May the words I do say

Shed light, bring peace

Between breaths —

Keep breathing,

Count the inhale and the

Exhale, count the pause

Between breaths —

Let kind silence live, yet

Let no voice be silenced,

Between breaths.


A quadrille for DVerse including the word “keep”. This poem didn’t begin as a quadrille, but then I decided to see if it would work as one, and I liked the result. 

9 thoughts on “Between Breaths

  1. Your quadrille was worth the wait, Jenna! It’s interesting that it didn’t begin as a quadrille. Writing to form can be tricky and it’s often a good exercise to rewrite something instead of trying a completely new poem.
    I like the repetition of the alliterative phrase ‘Between breaths’, it’s rhythmic, like breathing, and very calming. I also like ‘spaces of silence’.

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  2. Counting breaths in meditation taught me how to listen better — mind you, I can’t count while listening, because I won’t listen as well but instead with each inhale I feel myself absorbing the thought-feelings of the other person, and each exhale I try to let us both relax. Cool poem to remember that.

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