My Story

I wasn’t going to post my response to this prompt, but I kind of like the resulting stream-of-consciousness poem. We are using the following image as bits of inspiration. The picture is called My Story and is by Karina Llergo.

One book, flipping open across my spine,
Flapping facing backward, paper wings:
Another tome hovers like a hummingbird
Open away from my face.
What I have read is printed on
My body, this paper-thin skin,
As a magnifying glass scrutinizes
My hip. I have closed my eyes.
My legs are turning into rain,
With water-drops becoming red,
Becoming relief for a tree, becoming ink.
I write what I have read.
I give what I have lived.
But I plant one tree, one tree:
Growing a little more beauty.

Update: I am sharing this with DVerse Open Link Night.

10 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I usually post images with poems, though I always worry that the image will do the selling and not the poem. As closely as your poem “reads” the image, it stands wonderfully on its own.

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  2. I like your approach to ekphrastic poetry as write what you see – I didn’t need to see the image to know what you were writing about. I love the idea of ‘paper wings’ and the tome hovering like a hummingbird, and the final lines about planting a tree and ‘growing a little more beauty’.

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  3. Really lovely surreal poem – love the way art took you through the veils and spun you around. But you came back to us with the gift of those last two lines and returning with a gift to be shared is always the purpose to such journeys.

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