When Changes Come

For Poets United midweek motif: Changes, as well as DVerse Poetics: Less is More, more or less


Makes the tears pierce

Eyes’ whites and irises,

Makes the tears into

A waterfall, for all

That I anticipate missing —



Seems sometimes senseless

When I’m used to a routine,

But fear seems needless

Dust and rubble rest,

We build a new beginning.


16 thoughts on “When Changes Come

  1. “But fear seems needless . . . ” Many times my Mom told me that “Worry doesn’t help”–but I tend to have that fear response anyway. Not that I have ever shied away from it, or rejected the new beginning.


  2. “Dust and rubble rest,”
    I luv this line for it shadows our complacency to change. Change is constantly happening and we take it all in routine for granted

    Happy Wednesday. Thanks for dropping by my blog today


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