Walk By

This poem is partly inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge, which is “daily.” I am also sharing with Poets United pantry. 

Her shopping cart is filled, not with new gifts,

But with necessities, all that she has.

She shuffles down the sidewalk without home,

And passersby won’t look her in the eye.


I wonder if she shivers in the cold

And cry that she can’t find room in an inn.

Daily we walk by images of God

In people’s faces, without taking note. .

9 thoughts on “Walk By

  1. Yes, we walk by feeling helpless. I can feel her shivering under the cold winter moon. Once I was astonished to fidn a woman in her 80’s sitting on the cold concrete, ringing a little bell: “anysparechage?anysparechange?” I gave her a twenty, which wasnt enough but her look of astonishment and hope assured me it helped her that day, at least. But I wondered at a society that leaves an 80 year old woman sitting on the sidewalk in the cold and walks on by. Sigh. Your poem is an excellent reminder,


  2. It’s hardly surprising that people don’t see the image of God in the homeless. After all, very few recognised God lying in a manger long ago.


  3. once in NYC I stopped and bought lunch at a vender truck for a person – probably homeless. Sat with her – realized she had a psychiatric issue… It was sad. I was a little scared – never did it again – as yes, it is very uncomfortable. Why? I wonder….


  4. We’re all walking by faces of God everyday, given the plight of the suffering all around us – what a great and powerful notion… Fantastic notion and stellar writing, filled with depth…


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