All Aglow

This week’s quadrille prompt is the word “glow.”

Backdrop is the unlit room
On this chilly winter night:
Christmas tree is all aglow
With ornaments reflecting lights
And memories to give delight,
Despite some tastes of bittersweet.
See also branches, candy canes
Hanging from evergreen pines.
Regard the sweetness this season finds.

close up of christmas decorations hanging on tree
Photo by Miesha Moriniere on

5 thoughts on “All Aglow

  1. Yes yes yes! I do love the glow of the Christmas season…and oh yes. You are right…there is some bitter sweet aspects too. For me it is sometimes the melancholy that comes over me in the early morning, when it’s still dark outside and I’ve lit the tree and the candles and my spouse is not yet awake….I am alone with my memories of Christmases past…when our children were babes….when I was a child with my parents. But….that is all that is Christmas, right? Love your post!


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