Words Insufficient

This is inspired by Poets United midweek motif: year’s end. Thinking about what to write, I feel a heaviness. This year has been full of horrible downs but has not been all bad; my friends, especially, have helped me to experience the good in life and to remember that I am loved. 

How can I encapsulate

An entire year

In a few lines,

In a few words,

In a number: 2019?


In a time capsule

For this year —

A graduation cap,

A plane ticket to Hawaii,

A bouquet of flowers.


In the flying time

Through this year —

Many excruciating days

Many bitter tears,

Many wishes for days to disappear.


How can I encapsulate

This imminent year’s end

In a few lines?

In my heart lies

An aching beyond words.


7 thoughts on “Words Insufficient

  1. My heart aches too, kiddo. But, as you say in your note, there is much to be grateful for, too. Best wishes for a happy 2020, with huge measures being taken towards social and environmental justice. We live in hope. (All we need are some leaders with integrity and a wish to serve.)


  2. “Through this year —/Many excruciating days/Many bitter tears,/Many wishes for days to disappear.”
    I’ve had similar days this year as well. May your new year bring fewer days like these to you.


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