Too Many Choices

For Fandango’s one-word challenge: theoretical.

“What if” this?
“What if” that?
Pick an option
Out of a hat
If that’s what helps
You soon to act:
Stuck in the
Theoretical realm,
With no vision
At the helm,
Caught in possibility
Leads to overwhelm.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Choices

  1. Overwhelmed that’s what happens at some celebrations and children want to open everything with all the little pieces right NOW and then get disappointed when they get home and discover missing pieces because they were allowed to open everything instead of waiting…

    I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to go back to simpler times when an apple or orange was the best gift? But then one has to remember then, that life was really so much harder, and most often shorter too.

    Good thing holidays only come but once a year? Though too many in a single year sometimes 😉


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