A Safe Place

A poem about dreams for DVerse Poetics. Thanks to Lillian for the prompt! Please follow the link to read other great and dreamy poems. I’m also posting to JusJoJan day 29. The last stanza can be my one-liner. 🙂 

You’re back in high school.

It completely slipped your mind

That it’s exam time.

But the teacher doesn’t mind

If you fly out the window.


There’s a tsunami warning.

You can see the humongous wave coming

And you cannot hide.

But when it hits you remember

You can breathe underwater.


Dreams are a safe place,

Where illusory fear fades.


8 thoughts on “A Safe Place

  1. I like this….especially the affirmation in the final two lines. I think more of daydreams being described here….daydreams, I feel, we have some control over 🙂 So glad you posted to the prompt!


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