Dreaming Soul

This is a fulfilling quadrille for DVerse, and I am also sharing this poem with this week’s Writers’ Pantry.

I ask that my dreams be filled with happiness,
But more often there is much nervousness —
I dream of lost things, of storms
Without shelter, of fears in several forms.
Yet sometimes, though the dreams may scare,
I prefer them to reality’s stark stare.

20 thoughts on “Dreaming Soul

  1. A friend called me yesterday to tell me she’d dreamed of me and I was young and slim and stylish. I told her that wasn’t a dream, it was a hallucination! Somehow, your poem made me think of that conversation.


  2. I know those kinds of dreams, the lost things and storms without shelter. Early this morning I was woken by a dream that I got lost on the way to visit my daughter by getting on the wrong train and losing my ticket. I love the phrase ‘reality’s stark stare’.


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