She thought she might be better in 3 days

Or maybe a week or two, she certainly

wasn’t expecting 3 months, although she

should have been expecting that, I mean,

a fellow patient in the hospital told her

“you could be a model if you gained weight”

if she GAINED weight, that’s how

messed up she was, and deep down,

buried under all the lies she knew it

somewhere in her gut, whose cries she’d

been ignoring, and it was SO HARD

to learn how to listen again and for the

longest time she wondered, “How am I

going to fit food in here when there’s

all this anger taking up the space?”

A cathartic piece for DVerse MTB.

6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. This is an exposed piece of writing and I thank you for sharing it here. You have illustrated well the emotions that harden in us and keep us from being able to breathe and be free. Then there’s all the guilt, another choking one that comes when we realize how long we’d been ignoring the good voices.

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