Beside You

This post is in response to SoCS today. We are supposed to write about whatever is next to us when we read the prompt. Update: I am also sharing this with the wonderful Writers’ Pantry.

Cradled close to me

Is my warm, strong coffee,

Beside me a book of

Puzzles — sudoku —

Tough enough to be fun

But not impossible —


How I wish

This current crisis

Could quickly be fixed,

Like putting numbers

In a 9 – by – 9 grid.

IMG_20200328_090428199The picture is of my sudoku book, open to the next puzzle!

6 thoughts on “Beside You

  1. Oh, how I wish I could do more than simple sudoku! But it is nice to know others can do it. And that others can figure out how to help us all stay and get well. Here’s to a brighter tomorrow. But until then, coffee and games!

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  2. Well, it may be easy for you! I have words but not numbers. Can do crosswords with ease, even the ‘clueless’ ones, even the cryptic. But Sudoko – can’t even begin.

    However I love the poem. (Even though I think it’s very unfair you have words AND numbers, lol.)


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