For NaPoWriMo day 7, and also in response to DVerse’s quadrille Monday, a day late.

The day closes to open again:
This we take for granted often.

Any time we can hug our friends:
There comes a time when this ends.

There were people sick and suffering before
This rocked the world to its core.

This poem’s for them.

3 thoughts on “Remember

  1. I’ve always been a hugging person! I am so so thankful we came home from our wonderful 2 month winter escape in San Diego on March 11th. And my daughter and her children came to see us March 12th and brought us toilet paper and gave us many many hugs! They have to suffice until this horrific pandemic is over as now we only have Facetime and zoom. It is such a small price to pay though when I consider health care workers and those working in grocery stores and delivery trucks. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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