I’m back with another poem today, combining DVerse Poetics and FOWC: Contrite.

Some people say this virus is a chastisement,
This plague a way for God to shake us
Out of our apathetic egocentric days,
Its purpose to turn us back to God
With contrite hearts.

I don’t know but hope we learn before
The next one starts.

15 thoughts on “Unknowable

  1. And the next, and the next, each worse than the other. I’m sure the rabbis, priests and ministers are lamenting the loss of their congregation; virtual sermons lack the verve, and the income.

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  2. I think God must wish we would learn how we ourselves as a human race have caused this, and emerge from this wiser. Smiles. He must feel like banging His head against the wall some days.

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  3. I don’t believe in plague-sending gods, but I have little doubt that planet Gaia is resetting the balance using all the tools at her disposal. I hope we learn, too. Ironic that a virus that takes our breath away id the instrument of cleaner air and purer water.Has anyone else noticed how quickly the environment is responding to less pollution?


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