September came cold

This is for NaPoWriMo day 8, and it is actually on prompt! I think it also fits the Weekly Scribblings, but I’m not sure. I wasn’t expecting to be inspired by Twitter feeds, but this quote from the Anne Carson Bot stuck with me:

And for a moment the frailest leaves of life contained him in a widening happiness”
-Anne Carson

September came cold
His body fevered, chilled
The ghost of the wind
Rattled the bones of frail leaves,
Brittle brown coverings on trees’
Branches reaching toward grey sky,
Knowing heaven lies beyond the clouds.

He gazes through a window,
Following the trees’ leading,
He shivers, lips quiver
Upward in a slight smile,
Last breath rattles his bones
The ghost is loud.

7 thoughts on “September came cold

  1. This is beautifully done, Jenna 💝 I love; “Brittle brown coverings on trees’/Branches reaching toward grey sky,/Knowing heaven lies beyond the clouds.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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