Canine Companions

For NaPoWriMo day 21 (it is day 21, right?), I have written in response to DVerse’s prompt about animal companions. As my family has no pets, I was unsure what to write about, until inspiration walked right past my window. 😊

With no cute animal to cuddle here,

What joy it is, to look outside and see

Through open windows, sunlight welcome, clear:

Several owners of dogs, walking daily,

Brief but cute glimpses are a light to me.

Masked owners with their canines walk the street —

It’s too bad that we’ll likely never meet.


9 thoughts on “Canine Companions

  1. I, too, love encountering dogs on my walks, or at the beach. My eyes follow them, I carry treats in my pockets. Some of them know this and DRAG their owners, gasping, up to me…..LOL. Social distancing means far fewer encounters and no patting. But I still carry treats in the hope of making some dog smile.

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