Come With Me to Maui

For NaPoWriMo day 29, I am responding to DVerse’s prompt, Take Me With You!, and Poets and Storytellers United’s challenge to use enjambment. I didn’t use it for even close to every line, but hopefully there is enough of it.

Come with me, back to last summer:
I had not wanted to take a 5-hour plane flight,
I had not wanted to be with my family for a whole week —
But come with me, to the Lava Java shop
Or the sweet and savory pie place;
Come get a facial and massage at a spa
Smell the salty air and feel free
Even in the humidity, to embrace
Many beaches (with no need for any face
Mask) — In Kihei there were so many
Chickens in the roads, it seemed like a joke.

I wonder if the roosters rule the town now.
Come with me to see, some other summer.

13 thoughts on “Come With Me to Maui

  1. In these days of social distancing and face masks, such a spa day sounds heavenly

    Happy Wednesday



  2. Love the photos! And love the twist at the end….yep….can’t come with you (except within your words) this summer….but next one? I’ll be sure to join you! 🙂


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