Something That Returns

Our prompt for NaPoWriMo day 30 is to write about something that returns. It’s hard to believe that poetry month is almost over, but it is something to look forward to every year, and I think I’ll try to continue with the daily posts, at least for a little while. I am sharing this with DVerse OLN.

You return, every year,
Like the cherry blossoms,
Like the swallows returning to
Capistrano (remember when
We went there?)
You return, every year,
Like the cherry blossoms,
And must leave just as quickly.

7 thoughts on “Something That Returns

  1. I love the way you captured the brevity of blossom in this poem, but at least we know it will return next year. I also like the ‘swallows returning to Capistrano’ and the aside in parentheses. I want to know who this poem is addressed to and why they keep returning and leaving.

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  2. Your words reminded me of my daughter, who lives 3000 miles from me, but returns 2 or 3 times a year for visits. A mystery write, for which we can each fill in the blanks. Well done.

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